Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bath time

Extremely well trained protection dog

Canine Protection International trainer John Hadley demonstrates naked protection dog training to client Tom Stangle.

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You can see the video without the caption here.

Missing rafter found sleeping in garbage can

Officials looking for a man who disappeared on a rafting trip across the Long Island Sound say they found him sleeping in a garbage can in Connecticut.

The man, 33-year-old William Brandon McCreery, disappeared after heading on a rafting trip from Greenport, New York, on Wednesday at about 5 pm, officials say.

McCreery called a friend at about 7pm, indicating that there was a problem. Police and members of the Coast Guard say they started searching for McCreery after receiving reports about boaters knocking on doors in Clinton, Connecticut, seeking help.

Officials found McCreery later on Thursday sleeping in a garbage can in Clinton. It's not clear if he was suffering from hypothermia. Clinton and Greenport are separated by about 16 miles of water.

Firefighters used liquid soap to rescue woman from chimney of man she'd briefly dated

Crews rescued a woman on Sunday who was trapped in a chimney for several hours overnight. According to the Ventury County Fire Department, firefighters had to slowly chip away at the bricks in order to remove the woman from a chimney in Thousand Oaks, California.

Neighbours heard the woman screaming and called officials at around 6:00am. She had reportedly been trapped since 3:00am. Firefighters said they also used liquid dish soap to make it easier to remove the woman. Family members of the trapped woman reported that she had briefly dated the a man who owned the residence.

Crews pulled the woman out of the chimney at around 8:13am. Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa, 30, has been identified as the woman. The homeowner’s chimney is now gone. The homeowner’s name is Lawrence and didn’t want his last name used. Robert Fisher, a neighbour, was one of the residents who called 911 after hearing the early-morning screams.

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“We couldn’t believe it,” Fisher said. “This woman was definitely in distress,” Fisher added. “But no one knew where the voice was coming from.” The stuck woman’s family says she is a good person and have offered to pay for Lawrence’s chimney repair. Nunez-Figueroa faces charges of illegal entry into a residence.

Police helped boy with homework after responding to call about suspected burglar

An 11-year-old boy in Stockholm, Sweden, ended up getting help with his homework by the police after he rang them up saying he was concerned a burglar was breaking into his house.

The boy was home alone at night when he heard a loud thump and became convinced that a thief was trying to get inside. He quickly got on the phone to the local police who were dispatched to the scene.

After a quick check it turned out that there was no burglar but the boy was still upset and had another problem - his maths homework. "He had called his mother also but he was on his own when the police got there.

"They didn't want to leave him alone so they sat down and helped him with his multiplication tables and other homework," Viktor Adolphson of the Södermalm police said. He said the boy was right to alert them in the first place. "Even though it wasn't a thief it was a good thing to do," Adolphson added.

Mystery clown is scaring children by lurking silently in streets and shops and stroking people

A mystery clown is scaring children in Portsmouth, Hampshire, by lurking silently in streets and shops and stroking people. Residents have told how the clown, wearing a scary mask and a suit, stands in streets in the town and does not speak.

The clown is said to have entered Stage Door dancewear shop and stood still without saying anything. Shop assistant Karen Wilcock said it was inappropriate.

"Luckily no children were in the shop at the time, but he could freak people out. In this day and age we don't need this sort of thing." Andrea Hutchison from Preloved Portsmouth said the clown did the same at her shop.

"My daughter who's 22 hates clowns and would have had a full on hysteric if she'd seen him," she said. She said the clown was a 15-year-old schoolboy and a regular customer, but she did not know why he was dressing up. Police said they had received no criminal complaints and were not taking action.

Racehorse shot dead after it was hit by Frenchman who drove like a grandmother

A Frenchman, with a reputation for driving 'like a grandmother', has been fined £500 after his careless driving resulted in the death of a £25,000 racehorse. Bristol Crown Court heard that engineering manager Rodolphe Lafargue drove his company BMW near Upton Cheney in south Gloucestershire following the closure of a main road. Lafargue claimed to be driving at 30mph, but the court was told that when he saw six-year-old racehorse Grand Lad being ridden towards him, Lafargue braked, slid on mud and caused the horse to rear and throw its rider.

The £25,500 horse suffered a broken leg and bolted some 800m down the lane where, about an hour later, a huntsman shot it. Lafargue, 31 of London, denied dangerous driving but pleaded guilty to careless driving on March 24. The Recorder of Bristol His Honour Judge Neil Ford QC fined him, told him to pay a £50 victim surcharge and endorsed his driving licence with four penalty points. The judge told him: "You were driving appropriately on this lane but failed to notice a change in road conditions, which was a muddy, wet area of road. You were not in a hurry. You stayed at the scene and offered assistance to the rider. You were very shaken, yourself, by the incident."

James Bromige, prosecuting, said owner and trainer Jack Cann was exercising Grand Lad on Marshfield Road towards Upton Cheney. Mr Cann was not wearing high-visibility clothes, the weather was dry and fine but the lane was muddy and wet in patches, the court heard. Mr Bromige said: "Mr Cann saw the defendant's BMW 150m away. He didn't hear the car because of the trot of the horse. He thought it was travelling a bit quick. He said the car started to weave." The court heard Mr Cann tried to get the horse as close to the side of the lane as possible, and kept it moving forwards to try not to spook it. It was the Crown's case that the BMW hit the horse, which reared up and threw the rider before landing and breaking its right hind leg and bolting.

Mr Cann and others tried to comfort the stricken animal as it lay in a hedge. However, the horse was shot dead. Jonathan Coode, defending, said his client was returning to his office after a meeting and was not tired. Mr Coode said: "He came to be on Marshfield Lane because of the closure of the main road. There was a diversion in place. He used his Sat Nav and he goes down this lane for two to three miles. He has been described by others as driving like a grandmother. He was going at 30mph on the straight, he slowed for the bend and unfortunately there was no sign saying 'mud on the road' and his culpability was he failed to notice the mud. It was only the mud that caused the car to slide, some metres."

Urine and yogurt attack on police Hawkeye CCTV van not caught on camera

A man is said to have urinated on a police CCTV van before letting the tyres down and splattering the windows with yoghurt - but it was not caught on camera.

Witnesses watched in shock as the man allegedly trashed the Hawkeye mobile unit, which was parked in Ashford, Kent. Discarded tubs of Onken yoghurt were left strewn around the van and the windows were splattered.

A spokesman for Kent Police said: “Kent Police was called just before 9am on Saturday morning about a man who had been seen by witnesses allegedly urinating on the Hawkeye van.

“He had also let the tyres down and thrown yoghurt over it. We don’t have the damage on CCTV – it was reported to us by eye witnesses." A 30-year-old man, from Ashford, was arrested on suspicion of vehicle interference and has been released on bail until November 18.

Monday, October 20, 2014


Teddy probably isn't the world's brightest dog

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Squirrel with easter egg stuck on its head jumps for joy

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Man arrested after locking cousin in dog cage and throwing hot wax on him

A Michigan man has been charged with putting his cousin into a dog cage and throwing hot wax on him in the victim’s apartment last month.

William Bailey, 27, was staying at his cousin’s apartment in Des Plaines last month when he punched the 47-year-old man, confined him in a dog cage and threw hot wax on him, according to the Cook County sheriff’s office.

Bailey also burned his cousin with a cigarette lighter, a statement from the sheriff’s office said. The victim was able to escape and get to the home of a neighbour, who called for help, the sheriff’s office said. He was taken to a hospital for treatment. Bailey then left the area in his cousin’s car.

He was arrested Sunday in Berrien County, Michigan, on a $500,000 warrant charging aggravated domestic battery, the sheriff’s office said. He was driving the stolen car when authorities located him. Bailey, of Grand Rapids, remains in custody at the Berrien County Jail pending extradition to Illinois.

Lovers' tiff ended when girlfriend of man who threatened to cut self took knife and stabbed him

A lovers' quarrel on Saturday morning at a residence in Huntsville, Alabama, ended, police say, when a man's girlfriend took his pocket knife and stabbed him twice.

The man was in an argument with his girlfriend, Michelle McCrae, when he took out a pocket knife and threatened to cut himself. McCrae then took the knife from him and proceeded to stab him in the chest.

The man left the room for a short period of time and when he returned, McCrae stabbed him in the leg.

The man was transported to Huntsville Hospital where he was treated for his non-life threatening injuries. McCrae was taken into custody at the scene and was later transported to the Metro Jail. The incident is still under investigation.

Cafe banned from cooking bacon following complaint from bridal store

A popular city cafe in Brisbane, Australia, has been forced to ban bacon from its menu after a neighbouring tenant complained about the smell. Gramercy Coffee received a formal letter from Wintergarden centre management after Winnie Bridal allegedly raised concerns that the smell of sizzling bacon wafting through airconditioning vents was permeating their store. The bridal store, owned by Michael Yeung, sells couture dresses valued between $3000 and $10,000.

Gramercy owner Mitchell Suchowacki said his cafe had been serving bacon in breakfast bagels and on toast for nearly two years to happy customers and that the complaint he received last month was “incredibly frustrating”. “The biggest thing was the shock of not knowing anything about it and then having this massive drama arise overnight,” Mr Suchowacki said. He said Mr Yeung had been in touch with centre management previously but had never raised the issue with him personally, despite working in proximity to the cafe.

“We have no relationship with the tenant upstairs and if we had just talked about it face-to-face we could have come to an arrangement to keep both parties happy,” he said. “It’s a shame because it places us in a bad light and we never knew anything about it.” Instead, Mr Suchowacki spent weeks experimenting with cooking styles to avoid further heat from his neighbour. “It all got too much so we just cut bacon out completely and now we serve jamon, which people are happy to have,” he said.

Mr Yeung declined to comment, but a Wintergarden spokesperson confirmed the issue was raised and under Gramercy’s lease agreement cooking bacon “is not and has never been permissible”. “The cooking of bacon impacted the quiet enjoyment of another tenant in the centre and therefore Gramercy were reminded of the items they were able to cook within their Edward St tenancy without an extraction fan,” the spokesperson said. Mr Suchowacki said the situation has left him unable to provide a popular breakfast ingredient.

Smugglers stuffed 25 cows into oil tanker

In a bid to outsmart policemen, cattle smugglers in India have been devising newer ways of transport. Police last week seized an oil tanker into which 25 cows had been stuffed.

Policemen at the Katra police station in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, received a message on Monday that an oil tanker had jumped a road barrier and struck a jeep. The police team immediately cordoned off the area and signalled to the driver to stop. Officers said the driver and cleaner of the tanker fled on seeing them.

On inspecting the vehicle, policemen found an opening in the rear. Usually, such vehicles only have a cap on the upper portion. When policemen opened the lid on the rear of the vehicle, they found 25 cows packed inside. The cows were taken to the local veterinary hospital.

Superintendant of Police Rakesh Chandra Sahu of Shahjahanpur said: "The cattle smugglers had created an opening in the rear of the tanker through which they stuffed the cows in after injecting them with sedatives. We have lodged a report under the Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act against unidentified people. We are trying to trace the owner of the tanker."

Court granted divorce to man who claimed an undeclared genie was possessing his wife

A court in Dubai has granted a divorce to a man after he discovered that his wife was possessed by a spirit and refused to go to bed with him. The man lodged a divorce case against the woman after she repeatedly refused to have sex with him and her family informed him that she was possessed by a jinn.

Records said the man tolerated his wife for a period of time as she persistently refused to go to bed with him. However, the woman finally asked him to try to discuss the issue with her parents, who informed the husband that several religious scholars had failed to exorcise the jinn.

The Dubai Sharia Court awarded the husband the divorce and asked him to pay around Dh40,000 (£6,800, $11,000) in maintenance to his ex-wife. The man's lawyer, Hamda Makki, told the court: "The woman and her family cheated my client. They should have been honest and clear about the fact that the wife was possessed by a jinn.

"He was only told about the jinn after the problem escalated. The woman does not deserve any allowance." The Dubai Appeal Court upheld the divorce. However, it cancelled the primary court's decision pertaining to the alimony. The court decided that the woman does not deserve the alimony since she was not honest about the jinn issue.

Rotary Club president accidentally bought gimp suit when ordering merman costume

David Cavel, president of Whitstable Rotary Club, thought he was buying a merman costume but accidentally bought a full-length gimp suit.

The 71-year-old bought the black, full-length latex suit to promote a sponsored swim for Kent Air Ambulance – his chosen charity of the year. But when he showed his daughter Piroska, she informed him he had mistakenly bought a gimp costume instead.

Unknown to him, the tight, rubber attire is more commonly used in sado-masochistic sex sessions. David said: "She burst out laughing as soon as she saw it and said 'Dad, that's what they call a gimp suit!'

"I didn't know what it was but when she told me I thought it accounted for the odd emails I've been sent since I bought it." However, the innocent mix-up proved not to be a total disaster as David's artistic wife Marika managed to create a merman outfit by cutting the suit in half and decorating the tail. David has since been wearing the suit in training for the sponsored swim.

Man told he cannot send daughter to school in mask and goggles to stop her catching Ebola

"We're all going to be dead in six months", according to a panic-stricken dad who is insisting his 13-year-old daughter wears a face mask to school during the Ebola crisis. Jon O'Brien, of Turvey, Bedfordshire, has told Sharnbrook Upper School he wants the student to wear the protective measure to prevent her from catching the deadly virus.

But he has been told it would not be 'appropriate' and now he claims the school has called social services after he threatened to educate her at home instead. "I don’t believe the crap the government are telling us in relation to Ebola so I emailed the school and said I would like my child to wear a mask", said Jon.

"I'm not going to wait for my child to catch Ebola I'm going to send my child to school with a mask and bloody goggles. I should be able to protect her and I will do what's best for her", he added. The frantic father claims he asked the school if they could send homework for his daughter to finish.

"They said they had no intention of sending school work because by doing so it would look like they are condoning the behaviour", he said. When asked how long he would be prepared to keep the student at home Mr O'Brien responded 'how long is a piece of string?' He added: "I’m not part of the 95 per cent of sheep that run this country and do everything they are told."