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Dinner time

A reluctant Marv makes his big entrance

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Woman accused of threatening stepson with pellet gun after 9-hour binge drinking his booze

A Florida woman is accused of drinking for nine hours and threatening her stepson with his pellet gun when he tried to prevent her from polishing off his liquor. Laurie Ann Marlow, 55, was arrested at 7:15 p.m. on Wednesday and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after deputies were called to her home in western Flagler County to investigate a disturbance, a sheriff’s report states.

A deputy reported Marlow appeared to be under the influence. She said she had been arguing with her 21-year-old stepson, Taylor Marlow, and that he and his brother, William, 25, left the house with two rifles, including one that they had fought over. “He advised that Laurie had found liquor that he had hidden in his room and that she had consumed a large amount of it,” the report states. The brothers then “heard a loud banging noise coming from within the house” so Taylor Marlow ran to the backyard and entered through a rear entrance that leads directly to his bedroom.

“As Taylor opened the door he observed that Laurie had broken down the locked door and was grabbing his pellet gun,” the deputy reported. “Laurie proceeded to turn around and point the gun into Taylor’s face.” He told the deputy the barrel of the gun was about a foot away from his face and he believed she would shoot him. Taylor Marlow’s brother, William Marlow told the deputy he did not see what happened from outside the home but heard his brother say, “Are you kidding me right now? Are you seriously pulling a gun on me?”

William Marlow said he then heard the two wrestling over the gun. Taylor Marlow got the gun away from his stepmother and his brother took it from him and hid it in the car. Taylor Marlow told the deputy it’s not the first time a situation like this has occurred. “He advised that Laurie had pulled a real firearm on their father, and she hits their father on a regular basis,” the deputy reported. Laurie Marlow was booked into the Flagler County Detention Facility on $2,000 bail.

Naked man with bag on head caught getting amorous with bundle of women's underwear

A man was arrested for public indecency after Oklahoma City police said they caught him completely naked with a bundle of women's underwear.

According to police, on Wednesday afternoon officers were respondind to a call in Oklahoma City when a witness told them that he and another woman had seen a naked man on the ground wearing what appeared to be a bag over his head.

When officers arrived, they said they saw the suspect, later identified as 26-year-old Jonathon Leon Warledo, on the other side of a fence. Officers said Warledo was lying face down on the ground completely naked. According to police, Warledo had a bag and women's panties over his head, and he was performing a sex act with a bundle of women's underwear.

Officers said they yelled at Warledo, asking him what he was doing. That's when Warledo jumped up and took off running. Officers were able to catch up with Warledo and take him into custody. He was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on one count of public indecency.

10-year-old girl rescued after losing balance and getting stuck in washing machine

A mother had to call 911 after a 10-year-old girl found herself stuck in a washing machine in Elmont, Long Island, New York on Wednesday.

Dejannah Price said she was leaning over as she took rugs out of the washer like her mother asked her to do, when she lost her balance and flipped right into the machine. “(I was) scared at first, and then it started to get funny,” Dejannah said. But her mother was did not think it was so funny at all.

“We was pissed because we was like, ‘How the hell are we going to get her out of here?’” said Dejannah’s mother, Diana Brown. “We attempted, but we couldn’t.” Nassau County police had to come to the home, along with the local fire department. They arrived just minutes after Brown called 911. “It was embarrassing,” Brown said.

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“They were like, ‘Uh this is a first. How did she get in there?’” Brown said. “And then I told them.” Dejannah spent nearly an hour stuck. She said first responders ultimately removed parts of the washer to get her out. Luckily, Dejannah was not seriously injured. She said she did learn an important lesson. “I’m never helping my mom with laundry ever again,” Dejannah said. Brown said she can at least stick to a front-load dryer.

Man who ate napkins to conceal insider trading pleads guilty

A Brooklyn, New York mortgage broker, who would scribble secret stock tips on napkins and pass them to an accomplice in Grand Central station before eating them, pleaded guilty to insider trading on Friday, federal prosecutors said. Frank Tamayo, 41, was the middleman in what prosecutors called a three-man scheme that generated $5.6 million in illegal profits over five years, based on tips about a dozen transactions being negotiated by a prestigious New York law firm.

Tamayo pleaded guilty to securities fraud, tender offer fraud, and conspiracy charges in the federal court in Trenton, New Jersey. The defendant also agreed to forfeit more than $1 million, the contents of two brokerage accounts, and a 2008 Audi Q7. He faces up to 20 years in prison on the fraud counts. Authorities had in March accused Steven Metro, a managing clerk at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett, of passing tips about the law firm's clients through Tamayo to Morgan Stanley stockbroker Vladimir Eydelman, who would then trade for himself, his family, customers and Tamayo.

Prosecutors said the scheme lacked sophisticated computerized techniques or cover-ups now often associated with insider trading. Rather, they said Tamayo would typically meet Metro, a friend and former law school classmate, at Manhattan bars or coffee shops, and write the ticker symbols of stocks to be bought on napkins or Post-It notes. Tamayo would then meet Eydelman near the main clock in Grand Central, show him a symbol and, once satisfied Eydelman had memorized it, "chew the paper or napkin to destroy it," prosecutors said.

The scheme allegedly began in February 2009 when Metro told Tamayo that Liberty Media Corp might invest in Sirius XM Radio, then on the verge of bankruptcy. Tamayo then allegedly told Eydelman to add to his existing Sirius stake, saying a "source" had alerted him to the bailout. Authorities said Tamayo this year began recording conversations with the other defendants, including on Feb. 20 when Eydelman gave him a cigar box containing $7,000 meant to help Metro buy and renovate a new home. "Take these cigars, put it to good use," Eydelman told Tamayo. Eydelman and Metro have both been fired from their respective employers.

Goose hunter fought off crocodile with eye-poke before self-medicating with beer

A man in Australia's Northern Territory who was attacked by a crocodile on at about 7.20pm on Friday managed to escape after he wrestled and poked the beast in the eyes “like a true Territorian”. He then decided to have first aid “in the form of Carlton Dry.”

Duty Superintendent Louise Jorgensen said the 20-year-old man had been hunting geese in wetlands near Wudaduk Outstation, about 20km from the remote community of Peppimenarti. The man was attacked by a crocodile after wading into the water to recover a goose he had shot.

The crocodile is estimated to be about 2m in length. “The crocodile had launched at him, latched onto his right arm and tried to pull him underwater, Superintendent Jorgensen said. “Like a true Territorian he wrestled the crocodile and was able to shake it off finally by poking its eyes.”

After the man returned to shore, he was administered first aid and conveyed to Wudaduk Outstation by quadbike where further first aid “in the form of Carlton Dry was administered”. “When Police and clinic staff arrived he was conveyed in a mildly intoxicated state to the clinic where his wounds were cleaned,” she said. The man was going to be conveyed to Royal Darwin Hospital by Care Flight for numerous puncture wounds, tears and claw marks to his arm and back but opted to drive instead.

Young echidna rescued after getting stuck in wellington boot

A young echidna was rescued from a prickly situation near Darwin in Australia ­on Friday morning. Veterinarian Stephen Cutter, from the Ark Animal Hospital, said the juvenile monotreme decided to take shelter in a big, black wellington boot.

“Going in was easy but because of his spines, he couldn’t get back out,” Dr Cutter said. Luckily the owner of the gumboot was alerted to the plight of the prickly stowaway when his dogs started barking at the welly. “He looked in the boot and just saw spines,” Dr Cutter said.

The good Samaritan took the boot-and-echidna combo into the Ark where the rubber footwear was X-rayed to determine how stuck the echidna was. “He was very thoroughly wedged in the gumboot so we had to cut the boot to get him out,” Dr Cutter said.

“When echidnas get stressed they roll into a ball which wedged this guy further into the boot.” Once released from his rubber cage, the 3kg male was given a check-up and deemed healthy. “We’ll release him near where he was found – away from the dogs,” Dr Cutter said.

Police investigation after woman told her hair ‘looks like it has been cut with a knife and fork’

Members of an over-55s club in South Yorkshire have been visited by the police after one of their members received poison pen letters. Great-grandmother Margaret Kitching, 76, was called a ‘gobby bitch’ and taunted about her appearance. The retired dinner lady was described as ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ and asked to stay away from the club she has attended for eight years.

She was told her hair ‘looks like it has been cut with a knife and fork’ and that she looks as ‘cheap as chips’. Mrs Kitching called in the police after receiving four letters and fingerprints have been taken from them. Members of the over-55s club, which meets fortnightly at the Oaks Workingmen’s Club in Ardsley, Barnsley, have been asked by the police to give handwriting samples.

Mrs Kitchen, who has two sons, a daughter, three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren said: “Some of the things in the letters are unbelievable. They are absolutely horrible and really upsetting. I think a jealous person is behind all this. It’s caused me real heartache and sleepless nights as well as stress. When I go out of my home I am always looking over my shoulder wondering if the perpetrator is following me like a stalker.”

One of the letters was signed with a devil symbol. The club currently has about 23 members, all women in their 60s and 70s, who meet for social activities including bingo, quizzes, guest speakers and day trips to the seaside. A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “We have received reports of a 76-year-old woman receiving distressing letters from an unknown person. Officers are continuing their inquiries.”

Council investigate whether one chicken nugget is sufficient for school pupils' lunch

Reception pupils in some Birmingham schools are being given just one chicken nugget for their lunch, angry councillors have revealed. An investigation is being launched into the food being dished up for pupils by contractors. Birmingham’s education chief has described the current situation as “unacceptable.” An extra 163,208 children in the West Midlands have been receiving free meals as part of a new government drive since term started in September.

But at the city council’s education and vulnerable children overview and scrutiny committee it was revealed that four-year-olds at some Birmingham schools were receiving pitiful portions. Coun Valerie Seabright said schools served by council-owned food provider Cityserve – which is responsible for meals at 92 per cent of the city’s schools, was leaving youngsters short changed. “I welcome free school meals, but I’m seriously concerned having been to see a school that was not the best quality,” said the Labour councillor.

“The rations and portions are not brilliant. In reception class children get just one nugget, Year 1 get two and Year 2 get three or four. Why are reception only getting one chicken nugget? Is it subsidising the children getting more chicken nuggets in Year 1 or 2? That shouldn’t be the case when all children get the same funding per head. The whole point is to make sure that children get adequate meals with good nutrition. In one class I went to the children didn’t get any fresh vegetables or fruit.

“This is serious, it is not working. I think we should insist that there is more training of staff, they need to know about sizes of rations.” Coun Barry Bowles (Lab, Hall Green) also questioned why children were being served “junk food” since the quality of food was alleged to haves improved enormously in the last nine years. He said: “These are processed foods, why are we not giving them fresh food?” The council’s cabinet member for children and family services Brigid Jones said the situation was unacceptable. “We are currently looking at the future of Cityserve and how we can redesign (free food provision) for the future.”

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Liquid lunch

Koalas have a disagreement

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Police car smashed into Dunkin’ Donuts

A South Jersey police car smashed into a doughnut shop on Friday morning.

The police SUV crashed into the Dunkin' Donuts shop in Berlin, New Jersey just before 11am. Winslow Township Police said the vehicle crashed into the building after colliding with another car.

The unidentified officer suffered minor injuries, according to investigators. The other driver refused treatment. No customers or employees inside the store reported any injuries.

Police said the crash caused structural damage to the building. Investigators said that the officer wasn't heading to a call at the time of the wreck. The cause of the wreck remains under investigation.

Boy put in detention for sharing his school lunch

A 13-year-old boy from Weaverville Elementary School in California was given a detention slip for sharing his school prepared lunch on Tuesday. Kyle Bradford shared his chicken burrito with a friend who didn’t like the cheese sandwich he was given by the cafeteria. Kyle didn’t see any problem with sharing his food.

"It seemed like he couldn't get a normal lunch so I just wanted to give mine to him because I wasn't really that hungry and it was just going to go in the garbage if I didn't eat it," said Kyle. But the Trinity Alps Unified School District has regulations that prohibit students from sharing their meals. The policies set by the district say that students can have allergies that another student may not be aware of.

Tom Barnett, the Superintendent of the Trinity Alps Unified School District says that hygiene issues also come into play when banning students from sharing meals. "We have a policy that prohibits students from exchanging meals. Of course if students are concerned about other students not having enough to eat we would definitely want to consider that, but because of safety and liability we cannot allow students to actually exchange meals," said Barnett.

Kyle’s mother Sandy Bradford thinks that her son did the right thing by sharing his lunch. She also believes that it isn’t up to the school to discipline her son for good manners. “By all means the school can teach them math and the arithmetic and physical education, but when it comes to morals and manners and compassion, I believe it needs to start at home with the parent,” Sandy said. Kyle says that he would definitely share his lunch again if a friend wanted a portion of his meal.

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Cat emerged from collapsed rubble of burning hotel

A cat scrambled out of a burning hotel in Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada, just after the building crashed to the ground.

Witness David Katcsma captured the feline's escape as the Towers Hotel collapsed on Thursday.

The Parkland Humane Society said they took a cat with the same description to the Dauphin vet clinic, but there’s no word on its condition.

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Police said the building is considered a total loss. One person is in police custody following the blaze.

Caring thief saved homeless man from ATM blast

A thief who was preparing to blow up an ATM has pulled a homeless man to safety after the vagrant wandered into the blast zone.

CCTV camera from the convenience store in Sao Paulo, Brazil, captured the moment a gang of thieves stormed into the shop and wired up the ATM.

Clad in hoodies and helmets, two of the bandits can be seen fiddling with the front of the ATM for several seconds while another thief empties the register. The group then burst out onto the street and begin to run off before one of the thieves' spots a homeless man wandering past the blast zone.

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At first, after appearing to yell at the man the thief then runs towards him and grabs him by the scruff of the neck before pulling him in the opposite direction. Seconds later, the bomb explodes. Thankfully, both men manage to escape harm. It is unknown if the thieves have been captured.

Indian TV news anchor fired after calling Chinese president Xi Jinping 'Eleven'

An Indian TV news anchor has been sacked after she referred to the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, as Eleven Jinping, apparently confusing Xi's name with the Roman numerals XI, a senior official at the state television channel said on Friday.

Xi left India on Friday after a visit to boost trade and economic ties that have been marred by a longstanding border dispute. The blooper occurred on Doordarshan News on Wednesday.

"It is an unpardonable mistake," the official said. "We have debarred her from newsreading for a few months." The official said the anchor had been employed on a casual basis, after a shortage of newsreaders forced the channel to run some news bulletins with casuals.

The incident comes at a time when Doordarshan News is trying to reinvent itself to compete with private broadcasters. Its programmes are often a matter of public ridicule for their poor production quality.

Surfer accidentally solved crime while reporting theft to police

A surfer from Melbourne, Australia, who tracked down the name of the man who sold his stolen surfboards was standing next to him at a police station when reporting the crime. Earlier this week, Ross Moresi discovered two of his prized surfboards, worth $1,000 each, had been stolen. He sent photos to local surf shops and second-hand dealers in the hope someone had seen them.

Mr Moresi said before too long he got a call from Zak Surfboards in Thornbury saying they had both the boards, along with video footage and the name of the man who had sold them. Armed with this evidence, Mr Moresi went straight to Prahran police, where he ran into Daniel Burne, the same man who sold the surfboards. "A random bloke walked in checking in for bail, as he gave them his name, I had it on a piece of paper, it triggered my memory," Mr Moresi said.

"I looked at him and just said 'it's your unlucky day mate" Mr Moresi said he then alerted the police. "The police couldn't believe what was going on," he said. "It was like a movie. One of the head of police from the site came down; he had tears in his eyes from laughing so hard, saying he could not believe it." Burne was arrested and charged on the spot with handling stolen goods, obtaining property by deception, committing an indictable offence while on bail.

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Mr Moresi said Burne was in complete shock. "He couldn't believe his dumb luck," he said. On Thursday, Burne pleaded guilty to all the charges and received 120 hours of community service and was ordered to repay the surf shop. Mr Moresi said it was not the money that sent him on the search for the surfboards, but sentimental reasons. He bought one of the boards on a trip to Bali three years ago. "Surfboards can be quite expensive. It wasn't so much the money issue for me, it was more the sentimental value," he said.

Heartbroken man spent 44 hours queueing for new iPhone in bid to win back his wife

Polish-born Darius Wlodarski, 41, from Swindon, began queuing outside the Apple store in Cabot Circus, Bristol, at noon on Wednesday to make doubly sure he would not fail to buy a new iPhone 6 for his wife, Joanna. The couple split up a month ago and Darius was determined to fulfil his promise to himself to buy one for her.

He does not expect the present will necessarily get them together again but hopes it will bring her some happiness. Darius was led into the shop first by staff, after his camping feat. He was shaking as his iPhone 6 was wrapped up for him. He said: "I think the camping out has been worth it, I want to keep this promise to my wife. I am heartbroken and devastated we split up, but now it has happened, I realise I could have been a better husband.

"I know a phone won't make up for everything that has happened between us, but I want to make her happy. I want to apologise to my wife and daughter. I have been camped out for days. People in the restaurants supported me and gave me food and drink and I'm very grateful. I haven't had a chance to look properly at the phone yet." He added: ""Lots of people in the queue were very happy but it was different for me because of the circumstances.

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"We would have been married for 20 years next February but I wasn't the best father and husband. It took me a while to realise what really mattered - and that is my family. My wife said to me I should remember that it is now 'things' that matter, that I was worrying too much about saving for things, and she was right. I know an iPhone is another 'thing' , but I told her I would get her one and I wanted to keep my promise." Out-of-work Darius and his wife Joanna met on the doorstep of a house party in their native Poland more than 20 years ago and he said it was "love at first sight".

University agrees to spend £150,000 on seven chairs

Plymouth University has agreed to spend £150,000 on seven chairs for graduation ceremonies, it is understood.

The university's senior management team commissioned the handcrafted chairs by furniture designer John Makepeace. However, the university's PR department have warned this could cause reputational damage.

Professor David Coslett, deputy vice chancellor, said the university hoped to pay for the chairs through "private donations and charitable foundations". Prof Coslett said Plymouth University's annual graduation week attracted more than 25,000 students and guests and injected about £700,000 into the city's economy.

"The planned commissioning of new graduation furniture is the next stage in the development of our graduation ceremonies," he said. The design and cost of the chairs are yet to be confirmed, but sources have said the project is due to cost more than £150,000.