Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pig in a blanket

Maymo was given a DIY ball pit for his birthday

I think he liked it.

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Horrific accident between pedestrian and van

Caught on dashcam.

LiveLeak link.

Catfish on a rope used to damage vehicle

Police in Fremont, Nebraska, responded to a report of criminal mischief on Saturday.

Officers were called at 11am said Lt. Kurt Bottorff of the Fremont Police Department.

Upon arrival, a victim informed police that an unknown person threw a 2-foot-long catfish attached to a rope onto their vehicle's front windshield.

The fish caused an estimated $800 worth of damage.

Ghost hunters discovered body in old hospital

Police in Vicksburg, Mississippi, have recovered a body at the old Kuhn Memorial State Hospital. “We found a white female that appears to be in her late 60s with trauma to the head and the body has been sent to Jackson to be processed,” Vicksburg Police Chief Walter Armstrong said on Sunday night.

The body was discovered at around 7pm by a group of ghost hunters. “There was some people over at the hospital ghost hunting and they stumbled upon the body, and they took off and reported it to the Warren County Sheriff’s Office,” Armstrong said.

Warren County Coroner Doug Huskey confirmed the cause of death as homicide, but declined to release the woman’s name. Vicksburg police earlier on Sunday were searching for a 69-year-old Vicksburg woman missing from her house. The house showed signs of a disturbance and police began investigating.

The body was sent to the state crime lab in Jackson for processing and identification. “We’re in the process of trying to identify her,” Armstrong said. “We can not say that the body found at the hospital is her, but this body happens to be that of a white female that matches the description of the woman missing,” Armstrong added.

Shoplifting woman hid stolen TV under her skirt

A woman has been caught on camera stealing a TV from a department store in Zambia.

The woman can be seen inspecting the TV, before she casually bends down and slides it between her legs under her skirt.

While performing the theft, her friend acts as a lookout.

YouTube link. 'Original' Facebook video.

How she managed to keep the TV between her legs remains a mystery, but she slowly wandered out of the store with it nowhere to be seen.

Jilted man drove pick-up over love rival's car

A jilted man in Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory mounted his love rival’s vehicle with a 4WD pick-up truck in a possible attempt to cure his injured pride.

The man posted the photo of himself standing on the tray of his Toyota Land Cruiser, which was parked on the bonnet and windscreen of a sedan, on the NT Performance Cars, Parts and Services Facebook page. The dispute seems to relate to a love triangle between the four-wheel drive owner, the sedan owner and a woman.

Friends and associates of the man posted comments on the forum urging him to calm down and consider his actions, with many others expressing delight and encouragement. The man, 29, who police say is on his L-plates, later posted another update and a photo after NT Police tracked him down, saying: “F*ck it’s noisy in these paddy wagons.”

NT Police have charged the man with criminal damage, driving an unregistered and uninsured motor vehicle, driving without L-plates and driving without a fully licensed passenger in the passenger seat. He will appear in court on July 8.

Man breaks world record for the longest drag behind a galloping horse while on fire

On a recent Saturday evening by a Styrian mountain lake, Austrian stunt performer Joe Tödtling broke two world records, the longest drag behind a galloping horse (500m), and the longest drag behind a quad bike (582m).

Both while on fire. The stunts required meticulous training and preparations. Tödtling armored himself with iron plates on his elbows and knees, then was swaddled in layers of protective clothing and fireproof gel.

He then held on to a rope which was then dragged along by a horse at full gallop, for a distance of 500m, having been doused in accelerant and set alight by his stunt coordination team.

YouTube link.

After travelling nearly half way around the scenic Teichalm mountain lake, Joe then reversed direction, holding on to a tow rope being dragged by a quad bike. Joe has said that these are to be his last attempts at world record stunts, after a long conversation with his wife.

Man who ate 'magic sauce' pasty filled with his own poo evicted from shared house

A woman has described her ‘horror’ at discovering one of her housemates filled a pasty with his own faeces, cooked it in their oven and ate it. The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, was living in a shared house in Weston, Somerset, with four other people through a scheme with social enterprise Chapter 1. The charity provides affordable housing for people. The man has now been evicted from the property after complaints were made and the social enterprise has said it is ‘very sorry’ for the ‘unfortunate’ experience.

When the man initially moved into the property there were few issues, but over time he began acting inappropriately and the woman felt ‘too scared’ to stay in the house, leaving her no option but to sleep on sofas at friends’ houses while she waited for the man to be evicted. She said: “He moved in and it was all fine for a month. He was smoking weed in the house but that was the only problem we had. He was leaving one day and there was an awful smell in the kitchen so I went in and checked it out.

“I checked in the bin and I opened the oven because he had put some food in there and you could see a pasty filled with poo. I was horrified. I just puked up. I was heaving.” She asked him what he was cooking and he referred to it as his ‘magic sauce’. She said: “It was definitely poo. He took it out and he ate it. How could we be expected to cook in that kitchen after that?” The manager of Chapter 1’s leasing scheme in North Somerset Miles Wood said: “We received reports that he was acting inappropriately and he was breaching his tenancy with us and making other housemates feel uncomfortable.

“We have a zero tolerance policy on drugs, we had reports and we took action. To relieve any concerns from anybody, we had the oven cleaned shortly after that. The oven was cleaned by a professional cleaning company to ensure hygiene.” Mr Wood noted it is a rare case for an eviction to take place. The company has 51 tenancies available across Weston and Congresbury and has had to evict two tenants since January 2014. He said: “If someone breaches the tenancy, and that is any breach for any reason, it can result in that tenancy being ended.”

Two bedroom bungalow with attached zoo for sale

A two-bedroomed bungalow with attached zoo in Mid Wales has been put on the market. The Animalarium at Borth in Ceredigion, is home to over 300 animals and reptiles spread over 10 acres. Owners Jean and Alan Mumbray have decided to call it a day after developing the business since they bought it 15 years ago.

“We originally took it on with the aim of retiring after 10 years, but we’re still here and I’m now 76 and it’s time for someone else to take the business forward,” said Jean. “It needs someone who has a passion for animals and the resources to develop what is already a successful visitor attraction and has huge potential.” The zoo has taken on animals that have been surplus at other UK zoos and are cared for in modern accommodation and enclosures.

It maintains strong links with colleges, universities and other zoos in the UK for exchange programmes and the captive breeding of endangered species. The zoo features a reptile house with large constrictor snakes and lizards, a crocodile house with caiman and turtles, a petting barn, stables and animal enclosures including African Lion, African Leopard, Ocelot, Eurasian Lynx, African Antelope (Lechwe) Bennetts and Parma Wallaby, Raccoons, Coati, Emu and Rhea.

Also Patas, Capuchin, Vervet and Squirrel monkey houses, birds of prey, giant tortoises, meerkats, Ring-tailed and Ruffed Lemurs. There are many bird aviaries, including endangered species. The zoo has an opportunity for expansion. There is also a cafeteria, visitor centre and gift shop, children’s play areas and large car park. The zoo, priced at £555,000, will be sold complete with all equipment and fixtures and fittings and has a full zoo licence which was reissued in 2014.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Scaredy dog

Dog has a touch of the Monday morning feeling

It appears that Buddha the Bulldog isn't really a morning canine.

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Dine and dash spree brothers face charges after one was unceremoniously stopped in his tracks

Two brothers accused of dining and dashing at restaurants in Cleveland, Ohio, face misdemeanor charges. Matthew Gareau, 30, and Scott Gareau, 40, are each charged with defrauding a restaurant, a first degree misdemeanor, according to affidavits filed in Cleveland Municipal Court on Friday.

While restaurateurs have alleged the men ripped off as many as six restaurants in a three-day span, the men are only charged in connection with a June 17 incident at Crop Bistro in Ohio City. Owner Stephen Schimoler said the brothers ordered about $160 worth of food and drinks. Towards the end of the meal, the men got up and walked outside to have a smoke.

They left without paying, Schimoler said in the affidavit. Matthew Gareau was arrested on June 19 at Johnny's Downtown in the Warehouse District, after manager David Flowers wrestled him to the ground. Flowers recognized Gareau from a photograph Schimoler posted on Facebook, and said Gareau was trying to leave Johnny's without paying.

A bartender at Red, the Steakhouse said the brothers had come in for dinner the night before, ordered and consumed $284 worth of food and drinks and went outside to smoke. They never returned, the bartender said. Schimoler said that employees believe the men did the same thing at Bar Cento minutes before going into Crop Bistro. The brothers are scheduled to appear in court at 8:30am on July 10.

Police officer seen stuck in his patrol car window

A Texas Department of Public Safety officer was spotted while stuck in the driver's side window of his patrol vehicle in Edinburg.

He was seen waving his legs about desperately trying to break free.

It's unclear what happened to the officer during the incident that happened on June 19.

YouTube link.

The Texas Department of Public Safety did not respond to a request for comment.

Man arrested after living for months with his mother's decaying corpse on couch

A Florida man is in jail after deputies discovered his mother's months-old remains on his living room couch, according to a Sheriff's Office arrest report. On May 13, a deputy was dispatched to a residence in Pace to check on the welfare of 81-year-old Joyce Willis.

Willis' son, Michael Eugene Sticken, 60, had reportedly been rebuffing family members' attempts to call or visit his mother since January. When the deputy arrived at the residence he immediately noticed a foul odour. Upon entering the house, he found two couches pushed together with blankets piled on top.

Under the blankets, the deputy found a female who was so badly decomposed as to be unrecognisable. The Medical Examiner's Office estimated that Willis' had been dead for between one and four months at the time of her discovery. The Medical Examiner's Office is working to determine her cause of death. In an interview with deputies, Sticken said he had not been responsible for his mother's death, calling her "his best friend," the report said.

By reviewing bank records, investigators found that Sticken had been making withdrawals from a joint bank account he shared with his mother. The only deposits made since January were Willis' monthly $1,400 Social Security payments, all of which had been withdrawn by Sticken. Investigators found significant cause to charge Sticken with grand theft and failure to report a death. He was booked into Santa Rosa County Jail on Thursday morning on $6,000 bond.

Guards resign after taking prisoner to pub

Two prison guards in Australia's Northern Territory have resigned in disgrace after taking a prisoner they were in charge of to an outback pub. An internal NT Department of Correctional Services (NTDCS) investigation began after a member of the public complained about seeing a prisoner at a pub in Nhulunbuy in Arnhem Land in April.

The prisoner, who was deemed of low risk and non-violent, was wearing his prison clothes in the pub and became drunk. A complaint about the situation was made in May. It was understood the two guards were in charge of the prisoner who was being housed at the Datjala prison work camp in the town.

Department spokesman David Harris confirmed two officers resigned after breaching the NTDCS Code of Conduct. "Following an internal investigation, the officers were asked to show cause [as to] why their employment should not be terminated," he said. "They then tendered their resignations."

He said the internal investigation did not find any evidence the prisoner had been drinking alcohol while at the pub. On Friday, a spokesman for Correctional Services Minister John Elferink said the actions of the guards had been a "brain freeze" and a "gross dereliction of duty" and had been dealt with appropriately.

Couple's $1.7million life insurance scam went astray when man refused to jump in front of train

Esther Maree Vella had a $700,000 debt on her property in Strathfield, Sydney, Australia, she was determined to be rid of. So she concocted a plan in which her long-suffering partner Peter Siskos would increase his life insurance to $1.723 million, name her as the sole beneficiary, and then commit suicide. But the plan backfired spectacularly when Siskos, a 49-year-old security guard "chickened out" of throwing himself in front of a train. Instead, he disappeared from work and slept rough for a week-and-a-half until he was spotted in a Burwood Park. Several people then came forward to police to say Vella, a 51-year-old school teacher and boarding house owner, had let slip details about the macabre plan. Vella and Siskos were charged under the common law of conspiring with each other to defraud an insurance company, OnePath.

The Crown case was that Vella and Siskos deliberately omitted to inform OnePath of Siskos' intention to commit suicide despite knowing they had a duty of disclosure when taking out the policy. The couple pleaded not guilty but were convicted by a District Court jury in October 2013. Vella was sentenced to six-and-a-half years' jail with a non-parole period of four years and nine months, while Siskos was imprisoned for two-and-a-half years with a non-parole period of 15 months. Vella and Siskos appealed their convictions and sentences. Last week the Court of Criminal Appeal dismissed the appeals, noting the case was "extremely unusual". During the trial the jury heard the couple had been in a "tumultuous relationship" since 1989, characterised by Vella's utter domination of Siskos. Several witnesses testified Vella repeatedly said Siskos was to blame for her financial situation and she "wished he was dead".

In March 2010 she told a woman renting a room in a boarding house she owned in Cabarita that Siskos "should kill himself to pay for the debt". The boarder was so alarmed she made contemporaneous notes of the conversation, which she later provided to police. Vella also told friends and acquaintances she was due to receive a large amount of money from an inheritance from her family in Malta. The Crown said this was to cover the money she expected to receive after Siskos committed suicide. The policy was taken out in July 2010. In October 2011, shortly after the 13-month suicide preclusion period expired, Siskos didn't show up for work. He was reported missing 10 days later. The following day he was found, looking dishevelled, in Burwood Park.

Questioned by police, Siskos said he'd been "riding the trains". He denied intending to harm himself or having discussed collecting on his insurance policy. The following day, one of Vella's tenants, Tony Appleby, went to police and confessed to helping Vella destroy incriminating evidence. He agreed to meet Vella wearing a listening device and police recorded a conversation in which they discussed suicide involving a train, destruction of incriminating evidence and her lost opportunity to claim an insurance payout. "So what happened to Peter, he just chickened out, did he?" Mr Appleby asked. "Yeah … he's always been a coward," Vella replied. Siskos continued to deny the conspiracy at trial and even carried out work at Vella's boarding houses while he was on bail and she was on remand. However the jury, and subsequently the Appeals Court, found the case proven beyond reasonable doubt. Siskos will be eligible for parole on July 3.

Controversy over tits and tickets meat raffles

Naked and near-naked women are being used to hawk raffle tickets in pubs in Auckland, New Zealand, even though there are sometimes children dining with their parents in the hotels. The "tits and tickets" promotion sees strippers used to sell tickets for meat trays to raise money for local sports clubs. The woman are usually in their underwear and on occasions topless or entirely nude. The Albany pub has hosted the event for more than 10 years and owner Adrian Donald was comfortable with the arrangement and confident children in the establishment with parents and guardians would not accidentally get an eyeful. Though he would not discuss activities that went on inside the pub, Donald stressed that the two areas of the bar – the restaurant, and the adjoining sports bar where the raffle was held – were "two very different sides of the business".

However, witnesses said they had seen children walking through from the restaurant to the bar area as the bikini-clad women sold their meat raffles. And the owner of Super Liquor Albany, Warren Beachen, said he had received objections from some of his customers. Beachen's liquor store neighbours The Albany and he said in the 10 years he had worked there he had encountered "the odd woman that's been really upset about it". Concerns were mainly raised by visitors to the pub who had unwittingly walked through the sports bar entrance to get to the restaurant, he said. "Sometimes you've got mum and dad and a couple of kids in tow. If they walk in through the bar they can see that. They don't appreciate seeing topless women in the pub." Donald also owns The Brownzy Sports Bar, which runs the "Tits and tickets" promotion once a week.

It is understood the raffles are held in other Auckland pubs. It has run at The Trident in Onehunga in the past. Donald would not say whether he had received complaints over the topless women. It is understood the models that sell the raffle tickets are booked through an agency called GoWild strippers. GoWild boss Shelley Meecham was in India and declined to comment. She said: "I am at an ashram and am not participating in work related matters." According to the company website it costs $120 an hour for a two-hour minimum period to hire a "gorgeous, fun model to serve drinks, socialise topless and get the party off to a good start". Family First spokeswoman Sue Reid described the raffles as "cheap and degrading", and evidence of "the sexualisation of the family meal". "What message is this sending young women and to young men. Is this the way to treat women?"

Reid, a mother, said she was particularly concerned if children could accidentally see the show, leaving parents with some difficult explaining to do. Albany Fishing Club treasurer Peter Nicholson said his club had been involved in the "tits and tickets" meat raffle for many years and said it had been a lucrative fundraiser, yielding up to $10,000 a year. He described the raffle as good-natured fun and harmless entertainment. "It's not as if it's a set show or anything like that. There's nothing untoward. The girls just do what they do. They sell tickets." Auckland Council's alcohol licensing manager Rob Abbott said the venue was not in breach of any licensing issues by having topless models but it had to be in a restricted area where people needed to be above 18 or with a parent or guardian. "If (they) are providing entertainment of an adult nature in an area which is not a restricted area then Auckland Council would be concerned and would review the designations."

Man accused of hitting child with diarrhoea backsplash on zebra crossing

A man from Glastonbury, Somerset, has appeared in court after allegedly dropping his trousers and defecating in the middle of the road splashing a five-year-old child with excrement.

Chas Cox, 25, appeared before Somerset Magistrates sitting at Yeovil on Friday. He was charged that on May 31 at Glastonbury in a public place, he committed an act outraging public decency by behaving in an indecent manner, namely he dropped his trousers in the presence of others and defecated diarrhoea.

Prosecutor Christine Hart said that the defendant was allegedly on a zebra crossing followed by a mother and her five-year-old child. “When he got to the other side he was said to have dropped his trousers and defecated and the child was caught in the backsplash,” she said.

Cox pleaded not guilty to the allegation and claimed that he was left with no option other than to do what he did. A review of the case was conducted and it was adjourned until August 7 when he must return to the court to stand trial. In the meantime he was released on unconditional bail.

Woman traumatised after losing her teddy bear

A desperate 35-year-old woman is appealing for help after she lost her teddy on a busy street in Manchester city centre. Neha Shah and her husband Ashish Gaur were going to dinner with their teddy Baboo when he fell out of her bag and was lost. Neha said: “I took him out my bag to kiss him and I think he must have fallen out after that.”

Heartbroken Neha, who is from Blackpool and was visiting Manchester for work, searched for her teddy for three hours with her 45-year-old husband. Neha is now appealing to anyone who may have picked up the teddy to return him to his doting mother. She said: “He goes everywhere with me. I walk around with him in my arms like a baby. Baboo eats with me and sleeps in the bed with my husband and I.

“He has travelled with me around the world to Hong Kong, around Europe, to Thailand – he even has his own suitcase as I have so many different outfits for him. I fell in love with him basically and my husband loved him eventually as well. He has huge sentimental value,” she added. Baboo the bear, who has a Union Jack on one of his legs and is dressed in a blue onsie with a picture of a daisy on the chest, was lost on Tuesday June 23 between 5pm and 5.30pm.

The light coloured teddy also has a red mark on his head. “I am traumatised. I haven’t stopped crying since. My husband is also upset,” she added. “I know I can buy another one of the same teddies for around £8 but I fell in love with this one and I don’t know if I would fall in love with a different one,” said Neha. Neha was given the bear four years ago by a friend. The couple have reported the missing bear to the police. A spokesman in Greater Manchester Police’s city centre office confirmed that the lost teddy had been reported to them.