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Stink eye

Is that a bat in your pocket?

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Man accused of assault with a banana crashed his car into casino

A man was arrested in Carson City, Nevada, early Sunday on morning after hitting a convenience store clerk with a banana and later crashing his vehicle into a nearby casino. Osvaldo Ruiz was arrested at 1:41am after a vehicle and foot chase. He faces felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon, reckless driving willful conduct and eluding with endangerment as well as misdemeanor charges of DUI, obstructing and hit and run. According to the arrest report, officers were called to a convenience store. Police learned two men walked into the store and one man began using the bathroom with the door opened. The clerk told the man to close the door and the man became upset, walking out of the restroom and demanding the clerk to sell them alcohol. One of the men threw a banana at the clerk, hitting them with it before leaving.

Deputies were able to identify the banana thrower, and knew of him being associated with a gang. Deputies arrived at the complex and learned the two men had drove up in a Lexus and parked it in the complex and went to an apartment. Officers attempted to make contact at the apartment but there wasn’t an answer. Officers left the area but maintained surveillance of the Lexus in which several people were standing around. The Lexus then backed up rapidly. Not knowing if the Lexus had the banana-throwing suspect inside, or not, the officer followed the car and then attempted to make a traffic stop. The Lexus ignored the lights and sirens, and accelerated rapidly. The officer lost sight of the Lexus. Another officer located it. A patrol officer attempted to catch up with the car while two other patrol vehicles were in the path of the Lexus.

The vehicle headed straight for the patrol vehicle, swerving at the last second, missing it and then moving toward another patrol vehicle, swerving at the last second. Both Sgt. Humphrey and Deputy Jones stated the Lexus intentionally swerved at them, missing them at the last possible moment. The Lexus, occupied by Osvaldo Ruiz, then drove off at a high rate of speed. The Lexus drove over a raised concrete control device. A deputy then stated the Lexus went airborne after it hit a kerb and sidewalk, coming to rest between the east wall of Dotty's casino and large green electrical control boxes. The Lexus severed the meter off the natural gas line that supplies the casino. The casino was subsequently evacuated and utility companies were called to shut down both gas and electric.

There was damage to shrubbery, an electrical box, and the exterior wall of the casino. Meanwhile officers moved toward the car and saw Osvaldo Ruiz jump into the back seat and then kicked open the rear passenger door and ran away. He continued running where he went into an apartment complex, jumped the fence into a senior citizens apartment complex, then ran towards another senior complex. Officers found Osvaldo Ruiz hiding in a dumpster on the complex and he was arrested. Officers smelled alcoholic beverage as he spoke and Osvaldo was slurring his words as he spoke and stumbled as he walked. When he was asked he if had been drinking alcohol he replied he was “f***** up,” the arrest report states. It was learned Osvaldo had a prior DUI conviction in 2013. He was later taken to jail. He faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon, reckless driving willful conduct, destruction of property eluding with endangerment, DUI second, obstructing and hit and run. His bail is set at $68,300.

Jail for man who threw spider at police officer

A man from Pittston, Pennsylvania, accused of throwing a spider at a police officer has been sentenced in Luzerne County Court.

Judge Fred Pierantoni III sentenced Joseph R. Thomas, 52, to 30 months to five years in state prison on charges of aggravated assault, terroristic threats and resisting arrest.

Thomas was also ordered to serve 12 months probation and was given credit for 390 days time served in jail. Pittston police investigated a disturbance on Oct. 25, 2012, and encountered Thomas on a front porch.

Thomas told the officer, 'Look at my bug,' and threw a spider at the officer, according to the criminal complaint. Police said Thomas fought with officers when he was arrested.

Mexican police officers taught dog whispering in bid to reduce attacks

Mexican police officers are being offered special seminars where they learn to talk to dogs in a bid to cut down on the spiralling number of canine attacks in the capital Mexico City. Trained animal psychiatrists have been enlisted to offer the officers insight into the way a dog’s mind works and - if all else fails - they are also being given self defence tips on putting pets in their place.

The animal psychology lessons include theory and practical elements, with demonstrations on why it is not possible to run faster than a dog when it is chasing you, and how to hand a fine to a person with a dog in their car without being bitten. Police chiefs view the problem as a serious matter, and the Head of Crime Prevention of the city, Leticia Varela, said the course, named "Canine Communication: Learning a Dog's Language", is aimed at cutting down on the number of officers injured by stray and pet dogs.

She said: "We not only have to deal with dogs during our everyday police activities, but we also have to deal with dogs when they are victims of crime themselves, for example rescuing them from abusive owners or from a situation where they become trapped or lost. With 996,791 reports involving dogs each year, it means that we want our officers to have a basic understanding of how to communicate with dogs."

Every year thousands of police officers are bitten, uniforms ripped and time is lost as a result of dog attacks and the force now wants to cut down on the cost. Dog trainer Claudia Edwards said: "We have about 20 officers in each class, which last about two hours, and we have dogs with us so that there is a practical element as well. We try to get them to understand the dog's facial expressions and what that means, and what the danger signs are when a dog is saying keep away." Officers coming into contact with aggressive dogs have got the option of using pepper sprays, but the experts believe avoiding the aggression in the first place is much better for both sides.

Suspicions of shenanigans after 532-year-old woman was recipient of free sewing machine

According to information provided by the Chhattisgarh Labour Department in central India about the beneficiaries of free sewing machines and bicycles using the state’s welfare schemes for women, Mukhyamantri Silai (sewing) Machine and Cycle Sahayata Yojanas, many centenarian women aged 100, 200 and even 500 years are sewing and riding bicycles in the region. The eldest is aged 532.

This has raised doubts about the real beneficiaries of the scheme that has cost the state over Rs 40 crore (£3.9m, $6.6m). The two schemes for distribution of free sewing machines and cycles were launched on the eve of assembly polls last year to help women labourers working in the unorganized sector. About 115,000 women across the state reportedly benefited from the scheme. While the cycle scheme was aimed to benefit women in the age group of 18-35, free sewing machines were for women in the age group of 35 to 60.

However, the data shows that the age group criteria weren't followed at all. As per information obtained by activist Sanjeev Aggarwal, about 19,399 sewing machines were distributed to women in unorganised sector under Chief Minister Silai Sahayta Yojana in Raipur. The list of beneficiaries includes 6,189 women who were shown aged 114 years. Besides these, the list has six women aged 202, three aged 212 and two aged 282. There were at least 14 women aged above 300 years and seven in their 400s. One woman's age was given as 532.

Aggarwal said this misinformation could be just a tip of the iceberg, as the data obtained by him pertained only to Raipur. "If the information provided is correct, then beneficiaries' list has been fudged," he said. When contacted, deputy labour commissioner Savita Mishra said this mistake could have happened because of a software malfunction. However, she expressed surprise as to how incorrect information could be given. "I am writing to the concerned officers for conducting an inquiry to ascertain the facts," she said adding that whosoever is found guilty would not be spared.

Elderly man robbed while distracted by breasts

An 83-year-old pensioner from Knittelfeld in Austria was distracted by a 23-year-old Romanian woman who danced topless in front of him, while her associate was stealing cash and jewellery from his apartment.

The National Police Directorate announced on Saturday that a group of six alleged con artists from Romania have been arrested for theft, among other things. A 23-year-old woman in the group was allegedly involved in a scam where she and another woman approached vulnerable pensioners, offering cleaning services in their apartments.

She would then dance provocatively in front of the elderly victim, removing her top to expose her breasts. While the pensioner was distracted, her associate would ransack the house for cash and jewels. According to a police report, the latest victim of the suspects - a group of three women and three men who live in a tent camp in Knittelfeld - was an 83-year-old pensioner. He had accepted an offer to clean his apartment from two of the women on July 22.

"Then, while one of the two women distracted the victim by uncovering her upper body and dancing in front of him, the second woman stole jewellery worth several thousand euros from the apartment," explained Group Inspector Silvia Brugger of the Knittelfeld police. In the course of investigation, police found that there were several victims of this type of theft, including some in Neumarkt in Styria and an Upper Austrian nursing home.

Police bosses need to fight for funding

Report the Nottingham Post.

Vet filmed having sex with a horse and a dog struck off

A vet who was filmed having sex with a horse and a dog has been struck off his profession's register. Oliver Fraser Lown of Kesgrave, Suffolk was found guilty of five charges by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) disciplinary committee. Videos were found in his possession showing him engaging in sexual activity with animals, as were extreme images of animals and people, the RCVS heard.

Lown, believed to be in his 20s, has never practised as a vet in the UK. The RCVS panel heard that in 2012 he pleaded guilty at Northallerton and Richmond Magistrates Court in North Yorkshire to seven criminal charges relating to the possession of extreme images involving people and animals, for which he was given a conditional discharge.

The RCVS committee heard the Crown Prosecution Service decided not to prosecute him in respect of a bestiality charge that it was considering, but the RCVS found the charge to be proven. Lown had graduated from the Szent Istvan University in Budapest, Hungary and he had been registered with the RCVS in 2013, the committee heard. Lown did not attend the RCVS hearing in London, but he was represented by a solicitor. Three of the charges related to the discovery of images or videos on a laptop and a mobile phone at his home near Ipswich.

Another charge related to footage of him engaging in sexual activity with a horse and a dog, while a fifth charge related to him sending messages that referred to sexual activity with animals. Prof Noreen Burrows, chairing the committee, said: "The material found in possession of the respondent and his own conduct ... involved the abuse of animals and a total lack of respect for their welfare. In the judgement of the committee, each of the charges individually amounts to disgraceful conduct and the charges certainly amount to disgraceful conduct when taken cumulatively."

Man found lost watch when its alarm went off inside his dog

A dog owner discovered his pet Newfoundland had swallowed a £500 watch when the alarm went off inside the animal. Terry Morgan, a recently retired publican from Cockwood in Devon, set his alarm to drinking up time, 10:55pm.

He said he scoured his home before realising the timepiece had been swallowed by Charlie the dog. Charlie was taken to the vet but "coughed" the watch up before an operation became necessary. "At first I thought he was lying on it," said Mr Morgan. "Only when I rolled him over did I realise it was inside him.

"The watch was always set to go off at ten-fifty-five to remind me to call last orders. Luckily, I'd never bothered to change it." Mr Morgan said a surgical operation to retrieve the timepiece would have cost £1,000.

The episode still cost Mr Morgan £200 because vets had to X-ray Charlie to make sure the animal had not swallowed anything else. A spokesman for the St David's Veterinary Group in Exeter said: "It was the talk of the surgery. We had a real laugh about it."

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Where'd you go?

These two are best friends.

Cat is taken outside for the first time

It previously wasn't acquainted with this lady.

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The man who asked homeless people for money

Gowtham Shola is a street magician living in India. He went around asking the poor and homeless for a rupee.

After each individual had handed him a rupee coin, he said: "I'm going to take this." Then he did this.

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Police accidentally ran over and killed the naked man they were searching for

An investigation is underway after police officers searching for a reported naked man running through the streets of Los Angeles only found him when they accidentally ran over him.

Reports of a naked man running around the streets in the West Adams district were made to police at around 10:20pm on Sunday, according to Los Angeles Police Department officials. As two responding officers drove to the scene, they ran over the man who was lying on the street about two blocks from the calls location.


“It’s very unusual for someone to be lying in the street here,” LAPD Sgt. Andy Neiman said. “We don’t know if this is a case of mental illness or if this individual was under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. Certainly all that will be part of the investigation and hopefully we will find that out.” The man appeared to be a white man in his 50s or 60s, Neiman said.

Police said the vehicle had both lights and sirens on at the time of the crash, but some witnesses did not report hearing sirens. Officers added that it was not uncommon to turn off sirens when approaching a scene. The patrol car had a camera recording at the time of the crash, and investigators are reviewing the footage. Speed was not believed to be a factor since the patrol car stopped within 25 feet of the collision, investigators determined.

With news video.

Inmates broke out of prison then broke back in after getting drunk

At least four prisoners in Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory are suspected of repeatedly escaping from the prison, getting drunk, then voluntarily returning to the facility in the hope no one would notice. It is understood authorities are checking whether low-security prisoners have repeatedly escaped from a work release centre at Berrimah jail for a few hours after a 7pm headcount.

"It would appear that a couple of prisoners have jumped the fence but returned," a spokesman for NT Department of Correctional Services said. Authorities were believed to suspect the group, and possibly other prisoners, were from time to time jumping a cyclone fence, getting picked up from a main road by partners and given alcohol and marijuana, before breaking back into prison a few hours later.

The deception was eventually discovered shortly after midnight in the early hours of Sunday July 20 when five drunk prisoners were found fighting over a mobile phone. "It is alleged that four of the prisoners had earlier climbed a perimeter fence to retrieve contraband items from someone on the outside," the department spokesman said. He added the group "may have been out for a while" but that would become clear only after a police investigation. An internal departmental investigation was also underway, the spokesman said.

"They [police] will come back with recommendations as to what charges will be laid," he said. "It will be up to police to determine what constitutes an escape." A search of the work release centre uncovered several other items of contraband including two empty bottles of alcohol, five mobile phones, phone chargers, a small quantity of a "green leafy substance", a cigarette lighter and rolling papers. The men have since been transferred to the prison's maximum security section.

Man eventually requested help after python had spent five days on the dashboard of his car

A resident of Toonumbar in New South Wales, Australia, was ready to drive to work last week when he was surprised to find an intruder inside his car. A large python was settled on the dashboard.

He made the wise decision to open the doors and then keep his distance. He hoped that the snake would leave of its own accord. Fortunately he had another vehicle to get to work.

After five days, the python was still sunning itself on the dashboard, so the resident called WIRES. He advised them that the python’s body was the diameter of a wine bottle for most of its length. WIRES Northern Rivers reptile handlers responded to the call.

The python looked very much like it had moved in for winter and was a bit cranky about being disturbed. The 2.8m python was gradually coaxed from the vehicle and released on the property. The vehicle owner says the doors and windows will be firmly closed in future to keep out the same or other unwanted visitors.

Koala found clinging to car’s grille after 88km journey

A koala survived being hit by a car near Maryborough in Queensland, Australia, early on Friday morning only to be later discovered clinging to the car's grille at a service station approximately 88 kilometres (50 miles) down the road at Gympie. The koala, now named Timberwolf, was spotted by the Gympie taxi driver and his occupants when they stopped to refuel.

They then assisted in keeping the rather dishevelled and startled marsupial from wandering onto the highway. Local veterinarian Geoff Collyer was called to the scene shortly after 2.30am. "It was very, very scared and very wide-eyed," Dr Collyer said. "It was making horrible noises at everybody who was trying to stop him from getting hit again. I took a big sheet to pull over him.

"You put it over them from behind so they can't get to you and you hold them by the shoulders and arms. You wrap them up like a tight little baby and they de-stress because it's nice and dark and snug." Later collected and taken to the Australian Wildlife Hospital at Australia Zoo, Dr Collyer says Timberwolf looked to be in good condition. "The crew from Australia Zoo came and confirmed they thought he was a juvenile," he said.

"Surprisingly he was looking really good later that morning. He didn't appear to have any broken bones and he was trying to find little things to eat - he was really quite bright." Dr Collyer says it's an amazing story of survival and one he will never forget. "There are plenty of urban myths about things jumping onto cars as they go past, and until you see it yourself you don't' really think it could ever happen," he said. "It's all part of the job - the good stories make it all worth it."

Kitten rescued after surviving typhoon has made remarkable recovery

After Typhoon Matmo hit Tapaei, Taiwan last Wednesday, Sean McCormack found this tiny kitten lying almost lifeless in the middle of a road.

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Sean is a member of the Taiwanese animal rescue service and following a bath, the little kitten, now named Matmo, was looking a lot happier with himself.

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And here he is a short time later.

Man who filmed himself driving car while sitting in passenger seat given suspended jail sentence

A 20-year-old man who was arrested by police after posting a YouTube video of himself driving from the passenger seat on a highway near Barcelona has been given a six-month suspended sentence.

The Spanish-born student of French nationality was found guilty of reckless driving. That sentence will be dismissed if the young man does not break the law in the next two years.

He also had his driver's licence suspended for a year. The man was arrested after posting a video of himself, yawning as he drove his vehicle from the passenger seat, at one point overtaking a truck.

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Spanish police sent out a tweet asking for help in identifying the individual, and received 40 replies in 13 hours. The driver, who has not been named, was identified, and later turned himself in.

Data stick full of child porn fell out of man’s bottom

A data stick full of child porn fell out of a 24-year-old man’s bottom as he was being frisked by police for unrelated reasons. Eliott Diffley, of Kentish Town, north west London, faces 12 months in jail after pleading guilty to 17 counts of possessing indecent images of children and one count of possessing an extreme porn image at Blackfriars Crown Court.

On October 26 last year, a police officer was walking in Holloway, when he smelt cannabis. Diffley was smoking, and threw something away as the officer approached. The officer, Pc Adam Crossnan, searched him and found two mobile phones – one of which was reported lost or stolen – and arrested him for handling stolen goods.

When he was searched again at Islington Police Station, a USB data stick dropped from his buttocks. Diffley said he had stolen it from an internet cafe and was further arrested for theft. Officers looked on the data stick and found indecent images of children. A search of Diffley’s home then turned up a large quantity of similar images of children.

The following investigation found the data stick had not been stolen, while an internet search history showed he had actively been looking for images of children. Pc Crossan said: “People have preconceptions of the type of person who commits this type of crime and Mr Diffley challenges that idea. The public should be reassured that investigation into any form of child abuse is taken very seriously and we will work tirelessly to bring offenders like Diffley to justice.” Diffley will also have to sign the sex offenders register.