Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mayor describes city's Christmas tree as the worst in the world

A Christmas tree with a modern twist in Geelong, Australia has been dubbed the world's worst by the city's new mayor.

Geelong Mayor, well-known arbiter of good taste, Darryn Lyons, (for it is he), did not mince his words when asked about the $30,000 (£16,500, US$27,000) effort.

"It's a disgrace," Mayor Lyons said. "It's the worst Christmas tree in the world.

YouTube link.

"And having starfish in the streets - I won't be having any more starfish next year."


Brixter said...

It looks nice and it something different from the regular christmas trees.

Shak said...

Brighter, are you the one that scammed them for the $30,000?

Brixter said...

Yes, Art is expensive. hehehe

fred said...

He's right. It's hideous.

Shak said...

Brixter, your name autocorrects to brighter. Now you know. Sorry about that.